Happy new year! Hope your year is going well so far. Not going to bore you with excuses sigh. I have over 30 draft posts that I never published and I thought it would be good to share them time to time. This was written in September 2016. Enjoy


Hold up wait a minute! Is this really happening? Is Alison actually writing a blog post?

Covering my eyes in shame but what really matters is that I’m back, for now. 😂

I thought a great way to come back would be to catch up with you guys and let you know what I’ve been up to. I honestly lost the desire to write because I had the time but was just never in the mood to write.

I saw this template on a blog I recently found and thought it would be great to add to my blog. I don’t know how often I will post it cause you guys know how I am, I promise I’m working on it. I hope you enjoy the start of this series.

Making: lists in my head that I plan to occupy my time accomplishing (let’s hope it does not end with making the lists lol)

Cooking: I haven’t cooked much this summer because my mum is back so I’m enjoying eating her cooking. When she leaves again then I will get back to cooking so I’m enjoying this break. For my future husband I love to cook oh, but enjoy a break now and then 😂

Drinking:  Just water as autumn is round the corner I can’t wait to try some new teas.

Reading: Just finished reading Let me be a woman again so looking for something new to read any suggestions.

Wanting: I really wanted to travel I mean anywhere but I’m hoping in December I will visit Nigeria it’s been too long.

Playing: Touch the sky by Hillsong UNITED- This song is my current favourite worship song at the moment.

Wasting: my time, I  really need to work on a better schedule

Creating:  I’ve been writing more poetry recently so I’m excited about that.

Wishing: I could drive I actually need to sort this out sooner than later

Enjoying: My little brother’s company because I know he will soon get to the age where he wants to be by himself.

Wondering: How I’m going to copy with most of my family leaving the house soon.

Loving: The braids I currently have on, it’s been over a year since I’ve done braids. My mum did them for me, trying to save my coins lol

Hoping: I will get a something I’ve been praying about soon

Marvelling: At the beauty of the sky, I love watching the stars when we get them and seeing a pink sky (sunset)

Needing: a camera I  love to go for walks in the evening and would love a camera that could capture the beauty of the sky.

Smelling: I love the Avon ‘far away’ perfume, my mum wore it a lot when I was younger so I’m gonna buy it soon

Noticing: That we are in September, September people! Where has 2016 gone?

Knowing: That my time will come to smile, my Gods’ got me

Thinking: about University I miss uni, watching my little sister get ready brings back a lot of memories.

Feeling: A little overweight I want to get to a happy size so I need to work on it.

Bookmarking: A lot of youtube spoken word artist I love discovering them

Giggling: At my little brother’s jokes, not because he’s funny but because he thinks he’s funny. I’m a nice sister I promise.




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