Let’s do this:2



Extremely tired but let’s do this.

Not gonna lie but I don’t really listen to current music but I’ve been seeing everywhere on social media people talking about some of the singles that J-cole recently dropped.

So I listen to “false prophet”, first the video is beautiful love the grading of the video the colours are so vivid and I like how it’s portraying “regular” everyday life; convenient stores, bus rides etc.

Listening to the lyrics apart from the Kanye “diss” which I don’t think is a diss I’m reminded of people I look up to and how there is a thin line between admiring someone and idolising them. At the end of the day we are all humans and putting someone on a peddle stool is not the best thing because unconsciously we don’t give them a chance to fail which is unfair and unrealistic.

Could write more about this but I’m tired it’s passed 1am, I apologise for any grammatical errors.


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