Let’s do this



Not sure what the purpose of this post is  maybe I do, I just want to challenge myself so I’m going to write, create whatever I can do that I can visually say this is what I did in the month December 2016. There’s something about being in the last month of the year that is similar to being in the first month of the year that makes you slightly more motivated to do things. I like to call it a reflection month just made that up now, not sure what I will be writing about also not sure if anyone is going to read but I’m going to write. Should have named this post “Not sure” with the number of times I’ve used it lol.

I’m constantly overthinking things there’s so much going on in my mind, so to have some of it out of my head and on paper ok maybe not paper but you get what I mean will be therapeutic and interesting.

Yesterday was the 1st of December the way my life has been for the last couple of weeks I didn’t even know what date was until I was in a cab on my way to “work”(that’s a story for another day) and I locked my phone screen and saw the 1st of December. I was like wow! that went quick and I was quite disappointed in myself to have gone through my days and be so occupied with my thoughts that the days just went past. Again not sure why I’m writing this but I guess I’m trying to tell myself to live in the moment I may not be living my ideal life but I’m living. So many people have lost their lives this year so this blessing called life I need to live it.  So ALISON live life! Don’t let life just pass you by yes, I’m writing to myself sometimes you have to be your own cheerleader lol.

Excited about Worship at a friends place today maybe I won’t be anti-social we’ll see.



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