Midnight thoughts



Time 2:23AM

So many people died everyday but it’s until it’s in your neighbourhood or someone you know that you become sensitive to it or more aware. My prayer is that God will comfort  their friends and families give them a peace that surpasses human understand. Call to him and he will answer you. My heart bleeds for those that have lost their lives especially to senseless hate, gun or knife violence. And especially those who take their lives committing suicide. It’s important for us Christian to make it a priority with the leading of the Holy Spirit to tell more people about God and the joy only he can give.
Also mental illness is sometime a lot of communities under look but it is real and people suffer from it everyday some unknowingly. Whenever I hear of someone committing suicide there are so many questions that run through my mind wishing and hoping that they had just one person to talk to it would be a different story.

I’m going to be posting a least once a week minimum and my content is likely to change a little bit with some post like this to food recipes I love to cook. It’s going to be more lifestyle so a bit of everything and I will still be posting on my faith and readings. 


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