I’m covering my eyes and bowing my head in shame. Honestly my inconsistency with blogging is ridiculous because I know I can do better. It’s not necessarily about the number of people that read my blog, it’s not like anyone is gazing at their devices waiting for polished crown to post a new blog post. I just feel that everything we do as children of God should be done in excellence and I’m not reflecting that. Inconsistency is becoming my best friend and I don’t like it.

I think I’ve written a post similar to this lol things need to change. This blog is just to document my journey in different areas of my life with I hope blesses at least one person with every blog post.

So for the doubt series I’ll post what I’ve written, but after that I’m going to take a break and work on my purpose and aim for this blog. Some of you might think I’m being dramatic but I’ve been analysing a lot of things in my life and some things need to change.


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