Doubt series 1





Hey guys,

To start of this series I thought I would give you a little background on how this study started. In the month January 2016 my church started a fast that was different from the norm. I’ve fast before but not like this three days no breaking at 6pm, thats 72 hours of no food. I would love to say that I completed it and it was easy, but that would be a lie. Not only did I break my fast early i also wasn’t praying enough. One of the purpose of fasting is to grow your spirit man strength it, we are spirits in a body. Like my pastor once said

You have to let your body know who is in control, fasting is a form discipline.

So in area of doubt a series of things happened to me that left me questioning not Jesus as my lord and saviour but some of the promises he promised me and areas in my life that were just dry spiritually . Writing this i realise how silly it may sound but I do believe it has allowed me to get back to studying the word and finding answers.

A song that I sing that I really want to be my testimony is Satisfied by the walls group, I truly want to say that I AM SATISFIED WITH GOD. That I don’t need that car, jobs or fame if I have a good relationship with God I’m Gucci (good) 😄.

If I never get that house, that car
Or be a superstar,
And my dreams never come true
Will I be satisfied with you?
And if no one ever knows my name
And my gifts don't bring me fame
If everything I have, someday I lose
Will I be satisfied with you?

Think I’ve gone off topic a bit but to start the series here is a spoken word by Joseph Solomon from Chase God tv.

WARNING: Do not listen to this in a public place you just may get into a break dance 🙌

Honestly I was dancing, screaming and thanking God for his grace and mercy!


Hope you are blessed by this have a great week x


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