Hey guys,

“Wait on the lord”. Y’all this is easier said than done, uncertainty is one of the most frustrating thing in the world. However waiting I believe builds up some characteristic that are beneficial in life such as patience.  This something that I’m working on and writing this post is part of helping with this journey.

No matter what you’re waiting for in life just enjoy the process easier said that done but work on building your self so that when whatever you’re waiting on comes you are ready for it mentally, spiritually and physically. As I’m writing this I remember reading a blog post that talk about this in-depth please read it. (Side note it took me a while to find it but I remember commenting on it so I was able to find it.)

wait 2

I love this quote

A promise that my daddy G.O.D promise me, is to supply all my needs, so I might not be getting what I want but I need for right now. So I’m going to trust him, is it going to be easy? No and yes because I know his got me but my flesh will be fighting the uncertainty. I just wanted to be real with you guys and express this to you, but to be encourage please read this blog post here.

Have a lovely week x


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