Music of the month: January 2016

Hey guys,

I love music, mean who doesn’t. So this year I’m defiantly going to try and stick these M.O.T.M. So to start here’s a song that I’m loving, this song is FREE to download if you have never heard of Sean C Johnson then theres still space to join the party check out his other songs. I love his transparency in his music he talks about  things that we can all relate to.

His current album is Circa 1993 it’s based on four events that happen in his life and he has some really beautiful visuals to go with it CLICK HERE to view them. I first found about him when friend send me his song No never to me, it really encouraged me as I had a project I was doing at school and just felt I need some encouragement and it came at the right time. I love to listen to music when I create projects and this helped.

His album Grateful is also available for FREE  so get to downloading

You can also get Surrender all HERE

Ok guys have a lovely week and hope you love the song as much as I do and if you want to share some of your music with me too. Please do in the comment section below.

Stay bless and safe x


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