Surrounding in September week 1/2 update


Hey guys,

I’m a bit late on the update of #SurrendingInSeptember so we have a lot to catch up on. Where do I being? One of the purpose of this month for me was to spend more time with God especially in prayer as I was not liking my prayer life. So far there has been growth but I believe by his grace I can do more.

On the first day of this month I applied for a scholarship to attend Social media week in London, I kept thinking to my self that I may not get it, but was quickly reminded that my life is not my own I have to surrender all areas of my life to him. The great news is that I got it so I am super excited!

I had the opportunity to be part of a wonderful ministry call True worshipers for God (TWFG), this year they had a program call ‘Summer of light’. In this event it was a mixture of worship and giving to the needy. Going on the street and speaking to the homeless, was an experience I will never forget. There were two guys that I will never forget, lets call them James and Paul.  James had complete given up on believing that there is a God, to the point he refused to that the food parcel the we were giving out. My heart sank that even though he was in need of food he would not take it. I’m sorry I don’t have a success story of him giving his life to christ that day, I remember him in prayers as I believe it is not my strength that will allow someone to give their life to God but the holy spirit.

This was just a reminder that we have work to do, I’m currently watching the Bethel Brentwood, 48: work for him, which I believe is a timely message for me, I’ve linked the video you can click here.

I am current applying for jobs which is a long process writing up cover letters is not my favourite thing, but they have to be done. I had an interview this week was not the best but waiting on feedback this week. One of the motto that I stand by is “Whatever is mine and cannot be taken from me,” some my think that is a very naive or optimistic statement but it keeps me in a positive space.

So many other things have happen so far this month, If I keep writing it would be too long. I hope and pray you all have a lovely week and remember to let go and let God.

Love you all,

Have a lovely week xx


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