Not everyday read 1


Hey guys,

I know this post may seem a little off since I am a blogger but we are privilege to live in a time with different social mediums where we can learn and grow in God. I love Youtube I am slightly ashamed to say I am on it everyday 🙊. However youtube has a massive collection  of inspirational videos that can really help you and inspire you if you .

When I say Not everyday read’ I don’t mean it in a negative way but just a fun way of saying try something different.

As I have an extensive library of videos I watch on Youtube I will be sharing a couple videos with you guys. Maybe one day I will be brave enough to do a video of my own.

Chase God Tv

This channel is run by Joseph Solomon he also has a website where he writes on different topics from religion to politics.  But his Youtube channel has a mixture of poetry, spoken word and webisodes where topics like sex, relationships and evangelism are discussed.

Click here for his website

Grace, peace and stay blessed xx


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