Love notes

love notes

Hey guys,

I though I share with you this love note I read in my old children bible. My phone charger broke this morning so I had to take it back to the days of reading a good old hard copy bible. My quiet time was from the book of Esther 2 and at the end of it had this lovely love letter and I just had to share it with you.

Chosen one,

Just as I chose Esther to be queen to save my people from certain death, so I have chosen you for a specific purpose. It may not be clear yet, but  trust me. I am in control.

-God over all things

At the end it had a question: How does knowing God has a plan and purpose for you affect your feelings about your future?

Feel free to answer this question. It makes me feel happy and secure and sometimes silly that I sometimes worry when I don’t need to.

Prayer Point

I don’t normally ask you beautiful people for anything but I do have one request I’m at the point of my life where a lot of decisions need to made. I feel like a small community has been created and would appreciate if you would remember me in your prayers. Just ask for Gods will to be done in my life and for me to sensitive in the spirit and not miss his word.

Feel free to leave a prayer point too or answer the question above

Wherever two or three are gathered together in the name of Jesus, He is there with them in their midst. Matthew 18:19-20

Have a lovely week xx








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