Do not define your Destiny by your History

This is a beautifully written piece take time to read it all as you will surely be blessed.

Thank you everyone who consistently supports me in my blog journey. It is highly appreciated! Something that is laid on my heart for quite a while now is ‘defining your future’. Now, some of us, if we are to be sincere define our future by what we did in the past and the mistakes included towards it. We assume that our past is an indication of what our present will look like. If you were not loved at a young age, you are more likely to be less loved when you grow older; if you had a negative upbringing, you will feel anxious of trying to run a family of your own. These thoughts are not real, they are just feelings. But you can control them. 

In today’s society, we see so many people progressing through materialistic possessions, not realizing that in the end, it will be passed on…

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