I’m learning how to love


Hey guys,
Hope you are all well? I’ll just like to share will you all what happen this weekend.

This weekend was amazing I intentional decide I was not going to do any uni work (I have this week off so I could take this risk). So I was able to attend my church youth program called ‘Shakers’ where I performed a spoken word for the first time, it went well and got good feedback, so maybe one day I’ll be brave enough to put a video of it on this blog.

So after the programme I went to a gospel concert on campus, it was Amazing there probably a better word to explain it but I’m sure you get the point. A room full of young people worship God freely was a beautiful thing to see. Mass choirs, soloist, rappers and instrumentalist were all worshiping God in their own way. There is no one way of worshiping God which I think is beautiful.

So during the Shakers programme one of the things we talked about was investing in some certain things early so that it becomes a life style.

1-Spiritual investment: Creating routines that become natural to your but not mechanical also investing in Christian books to help equip you.

I recently bought a book and it came with a book mark that said this…

“Vault all books in proportion as they are agreeable to scripture. Those that are nearest to it are the best, and those that are farthest from it, the worst.” Jc Ryle

I think this quote embodies the essence of Christian books, many times when I ask people for Christian books to read they often say the bible is the best book to read. I know it sounds cliché but there are many books that are no where close to what the bible talks about.

2- Financial investment: I’m not going to bore you will the points they were the standard saving/spending discussion.

3-Relationship investment: Now this was the one that struck core for me. And no it was not just on an opposite sex relationships but the way we are with all our love ones.
So it confession time.
I have a bad habit of taking my loved ones for granted and not exactly great at creating new relationship ( friendship) with people Ive  just met. My Aunty used the best word to describe me reserved, that exactly how I am and has been my excuse for a long time.
However over this weekend I had one of those moment where I reflected on my life and personality and saw that there was room for improvement. I’m not saying that I’m going to drastically change my personality and become loud and one of those people who’s friends with everyone. But I’m going to make more of an effort to cultivate relationships with people. Especially my church here at uni it’s a small church but I’m one of those people that as soon church is over I leave; recently I’ve had to because I go to the studio for a current group project. But overall I do have time to build a relationship with my church members.
God has been saying to recently that how can I claim to love him but not his people, don’t get me wrong I don’t hate them but just need to put in effort.

Everything that happens with God is not an accident I recently bought a book and it came this weekend when all this self reflecting was happening. When I order it if I bought it mainly because I saw someone on YouTube recommend it like a month ago and I just happen to buy it this week not knowing what my weekend was going to bring to life. I’m just thankful to God for everything is doing in me.

The book is called ‘Crazy love’ by Francis Chan I got it for a very reasonable price just over £5, as a student or a person that loves bargains I couldn’t resist.
So I would like to giveaway a book to a fellow reader of my blog because, like I said earlier it good to invest in our self spiritually and hope this book will be a blessing to you. Unfortunately this giveaway is for my UK readers only I’m sorry but postage to other countries is slightly pricey and I’m still living this student life.
Just simple leave a comment saying anything you want, I’m aware you guys read but are scared of the comment section ( I kid 😂).

Depending on how many comment I get the winner will be chosen randomly. I’ll contact the winner (send a message) and arrange the details of giving the book away.
Giveaway closes 31.11.14

Have a lovely week guys



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