We will worship

Hey guys,

Hope you are all well. I really wanted to have a post up on the issue of worry that I have been looking at but unfortunately I have been ill and have internet issues. This might be TMI (too much information)  but the GP says it’s tonsillitis not the best thing to experience but I’m getting better. Side note when I’m ill which doesn’t happen often I become thankful for the smallest things that I take for granted like swallowing food or even just having food to eat. There’s a bible verse which  I can’t remember exactly what book it’s in says…

In everything give thanks for it is the will of God.

If you guys know what chapter it’s  in let me know. Ok  back to the purpose of the post. I know July is almost over but video for the month of  July is a worship song by a South African gospel band that I’m loving at the moment its simple and I hope you enjoy it.

Stay blessed 💙


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