#Practice makes perfect

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Hey guys,

Hope you are all doing well. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it on this blog but I’m an architecture student so naturally I love anything that is creative and requires me to be imaginative.

So this summer I’m determined to learn new things and  grow creatively. One of the things on top of  my list is to learn how to use Illustrator especially the pen tool.  So far #practicemakesperfect has gone beyond a cliché  and  has become  a reality for me. It has been great to visually see how I’ve grown from my first illustration to my current one. I just want to share with you some of the work I’ve done so far, I have a love for natural afro hair so that has been my starting point. I hope you guys don’t feel bombarded with the amount of afro hair your about to see.

I’m just grateful to God that I’ve been able to set my mind to something and see results. Let me know what you think and if  you have a favourite Illustration. If there are any creative people or anyone who have some tips on using Illustrator feel free to share in the comment section, twitter or Instagram @polishedcrown

Stay blessed 💙


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