Can’t I have my own opinion about God?

can i have a op

Well, the answer is yes you can.  But the real question is, is your opinion about God right?

Lets not beat around the bush lets jump straight to his word. Please read Proverbs 16:24-25. There is a way that seems right to a man but in the end leads to death, it is very dangerous to have an opinion on who God is If it is not affirmed by him. Only God can confirm who he is. It is also impossible for human beings to fully comprehend  who God is, however the amazing thing is that God wants to be known. He desires a relationship with  us so that he can fully reveal himself to us.  It is key to note that God self reveals we do not need to form our opinion about God.

Even Jesus did not rely on his own opinion see John 14:24-26; Jesus was telling his disciples that every word he spoke was what God the father told him. He also told them that God the father was going to send the Holy spirit to lead them all to the truth. So it is clear how important this is as Jesus has demonstrated.

If you are a christian the Holy trinity should not be new news to you; God the father, Son and Holy spirit. How is this relevant?  I’ll get to it. The holy spirit is an invisible power that God left here on earth to guide us, reveal the truth.  Read John 14 15-17 Jesus makes us to understand that God’s spirit is in his people according to his words to his disciples.
The Holy spirit is an amazing way in which God has given us the opportunity to know the truth about him. I mean this is amazing (excuse the amount of time I use this word)However there is a big however the only way to have this privilege  is to believe  in Jesus christ and accept him and  all that he has to offer you. If you haven’t done this simply say this prayer; “Father I thank you for counting me as part of your chosen one I believe that Jesus christ died on the cross to pay for my sin, so that I can have eternal life I believe Jesus to be my personal saviour who is sitting on the right hand of your throne interceding  on my behalf.  I confess all my sins and I believe you have forgiven me through the precious blood of  Jesus christ.” Congratulation  if you just said the prayer welcome to the family, your name has been written into the book of life! 😄
Now that we are all part of the same family we no longer need to be stuck with our previous opinion of who God is because the Holy spirit is here to help! The Holy spirit becomes a personal tutor who helps you understand the Bible and other things you couldn’t understand without God’s help. John 16:13 lets us know the Holy spirit is here to tell us the truth and things that are yet to come.
It may take some time but you will get to the stage where you  will begin to ask “What is the Holy spirit revealing to me?” instead of “Can’t I have my own opinion.?” The Holy spirit will be entwined into your life that you become  more sensitive when making decisions not to jump to the first flesh decision that comes to mind. Don’t feel bad or guilty if this is not the case yet.  Pray about what you desire from him, he’s your daddy 😊. The important thing is to know that because you are now a child of God you can now live a spirit lead life read Romans 8 verse 14.
As Christians our understanding and opinion of who God  determines how we view everything else in our life . This is why it is very important that our ‘opinion’ about God is right. The only way we can get it right  is through the leading of the holy spirit and the reading of his word the Bible.

I hope you all have a lovely week and please let me know your opinions in the comment section or on twitter @polishedcrown

Stay blessed 💙


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