Peer Pressure…always Negative?

A beautifully written blog post, breaking the stereotype of peer pressure always being a negative thing.


One of the things that usually affects the young man and young lady is this thing called Peer Pressure. This is the push that comes from someone’s friends or peer to do something or act in a particular way. This pressure could either be gentle or forceful depending on the person exerting the force.

What happens when a girl who is a virgin is admitted into high school and put in the same room with other girls who come back to the room daily talking about their escapades with boys and the ‘fun’ they experience? What happens when a young man who is trying to be a Christian sees his colleague at work regularly accept bribes before doing what they were paid to do? Several have yielded to smoking and drinking, cheating in exams, and several other vices not because they wanted to do them but because of peer pressure…

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