Help…I Have Bible Reading Issues

A very detailed insight on reading the bible, with useful tips.


Please watch the video – I do ramble on about really useful stuff lool. The video is there for those who prefer to ‘listen/watch’ so you have no excuse. I have summarised the key points below for your reference – but again I encourage you to watch the video as there are some things I said that may help ya!

This blog has been anticipated for so long now. Especially, having done so many Bible Challenges this year – it dawned on me that some may be reluctant to join us in the Bible Challenges, simply because they feel a tad intimidated by the Bible. It’s not enough to get your ‘encouragement’ from twitter/, facebook status’ and friends – these great tools do not replace your Bible. It is more amazing to see that so many of us have gotten involved with these Bible challenges, but I don’t want to…

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