Pursue her part 1


So recently I went to a youth gathering at my church, I was blessed by the main message. However there was an interactive session where they talked about relationships, I must be honest with you I came late, so I’m sure I missed some key points. However the last questioned asked in this session was “As a female would you ask a man out on a date”. She (the speaker) went further on and said she would ask a guy out, saying some guys are shy and some other explanations I can’t remember.

Now at this point I was startled, I mean this is a christian gathering and everything  should be backed up scripturally, but this did not happen.

As I’m writing this I feel the Lord telling me that I only choose to go home and do more digging into the scripture about this because I didn’t agree with her statement. Instead this should be something I do every time I hear a word or a teaching; go home, read, have my personal revelation of the word. I mean thats what makes our God so great we are all able to have an encounter with him, we don’t just have to wait for a ‘man God’ to speak into our lives.

Once I’m done looking into this I will post another blog on it, feel free to let me know your thoughts;  @Polishedcrown on twitter.

Have a blessed week.


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